Friday, September 9, 2011


I beheld one of the most beautiful things I had dreamed of seeing since birthing Ti today.  I popped in a dvd called "Classical Baby: The Art Show" (which is an awesome video in my opinion) this afternoon for the kids.  While Ari sat quietly totally engaged in the visual and auditory art getting comfortable on the floor Ti had crawled up behind her and got quite fascinated with her hair.  For a few minutes, she let him play with her hair like that and had the look on her face of such enjoyment, contentment, sibling affection, ease...while Ti giggled touching, gently pulling her hair.  I just sat and watched.  I just loved the moments.

The three of us enjoyed our simple quesadilla and sweet potato fries dinner while Daddy was at the ministry.  Ti LOVES food... and REFUSES to be fed.  If you try to feed him anything, you will see what I mean very clearly. :)  You quickly learn that he WILL eat if you just put it in front of him.  He might look a baby but he won't let you treat him as one.  My "easy" baby is only a week short of turning 10 month old...he will be one in just a couple of months.  CRAZY.  In fact, we hit birthdays like boom, boom, boom! beginning next month with Daniel, then Titus, Arielle, and finishing up with me in January.  The question is...will we be celebrating them in our own home?  I hope so.

At bedtime, Ari and I read a couple of books as usual and prayed through the Lord's prayer together (something I've started doing recently).  As I was about to kiss her goodnight, she somewhat bashfully asked me if she could have some "eeee," that is, mother's milk. :)  She's lately been pretty sensitive about Daniel or I calling her a "baby."  In fact, she's been pretty consistent in correcting us by saying, "I'm not a baby anymore!  I'm a big girl!"  So I was surprised by her request so I responded, "Are you sure?"  She said yes.  She curled up on my lap and made me cradle her like a baby.  As I began pulling up my shirt, she said, "No, Mom!  Just pretend!"  I said, "You can have the real thing if you want."  She just wanted to pretend. :)  (Actually, I'm glad she only wanted to pretend. :))  When we finished our pretend nursing session, she said she needed to nurse her babies before she went to sleep.  She's such a good mother, I tell her a lot these days because most of the time that's what she does when playing pretend.  She's such a darling, my daughter! 

On a totally different and somewhat random note, I have to record this because it changing me and I feel it is an important issue.  That sex is communication in and of itself.  It is not just a result of or a means to better or stronger communication in marriage.  There is love spoken in its mystical and mysterious sense that is not possible in any other ways (borrowing from my husband's words).  That is how God designed it...even in this fallen state we're in, His grace enables that important, independent communication to take place between the husband and the wife.
(Don't let your imaginations run too wild now!) :)

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